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Published:December 30th, 2012 12:11 EST

Tiny Tim The Adorable Chubby Cat Loses Almost 7 Pounds!

By Robert Paul Reyes

"A formerly 35.2-pound Texas cat has lost 6.6 pounds -- or about 20 percent of his body weight -- after being put on a restricted diet, doctors say.

Tiny Tim was rescued just before Christmas 2011 and taken to Southside Place Animal Hospital in Houston, ABC News reported.


After a failed attempt at finding his owners, Tiny Tim received permanent residency at the hospital where doctors put him on a special diet that provides him with 307 calories a day."


The saving grace of a fat cat is that the extra weight makes him look cute. But there is no such thing as a cute fat person; don`t be a fraidy-cat and make a New Year`s resolution to lose those extra pounds.

Obesity is unhealthy for felines and human beings. If you are fat not only are you creeping people out, but you are also damaging your body.

Tiny Tim lost so much weight because he lives in an animal hospital, and the doctors put him on a special diet.

If you`ve tried and failed to lose weight, get thee to a fat farm. Don`t you dare leave until you`ve shed those hideous pounds.

Be healthy and happy like Tiny Tim, stop procrastinating and go on a diet.

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