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Published:January 6th, 2013 19:44 EST
Past and The Monster Within

Past and The Monster Within

By Ed Roberts

Two poems that go hand in hand




Yesterday is in the past

There is nothing there

You can change


Those hours

Have already ticked on the clock

All that you have left of them

Are memories


The past can not hurt you

It has nothing to do

With today

Or tomorrow

It is merely a ghost

Something far too many

Are haunted by

Mostly on their own accord


It matters not

Who you were

What you did

Or what you used to have


These are items

All written on a turned page

In a book of life

A book

That is not finished

Until you have breathed

Your very last breath


In this moment

Right now

Your future lies ahead

Something unwritten

Limited only by your


Your will

Your imagination

And may simply depend

On whether you allow yourself

To exorcise this ghost

One that far too many cling to


The past


Ed Roberts 1/2/13



The Monster Within


Everyone has their own monster

That they must face in their lifetime

I have often been asked

To describe mine


Imagine slowly being strangled

Your vocal chords and esophagus

Slowly being crushed

All of the muscles in your neck

Slowly tightening


Imagine all of this

Slowly taking place

Over a period of five or six months


Now imagine

No one believes you

Your doctor at first

Thinks all of this

Is in your head


Imagine side effects of drugs you are given

Taking you from euphoria

To severe depression

In minutes

You going from being Superman

To down on your knees crying

And this happening

Several times a day


Imagine having to fight for your sanity

And knowing deep down

You are slowly losing this fight


Imagine your vision slowly fading

Your voice slowly disappearing

And finally

Having to crush up a single pill in applesauce

Because you can no longer swallow it whole


Imagine not being able to lie down

Because you can no longer breathe

Then having them strap you to a table

So they can do yet another CAT scan


Imagine finally being wheeled into an operating room

Not certain you will ever come out



Now imagine

You have almost a photographic memory

And each and every one of these moments

That I have described here for you

Are always there waiting

Waiting for the moment

You allow yourself to remember


You asked me about my monster


This is but one of them


One that I have long ago

Learned to tame


Some of the hardest battles that we face

In this short lifetime of ours

Are often fought



Ed Roberts 1/3/12