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Published:January 8th, 2013 15:23 EST

Brent Musburger's Obsession With Katherine Webb Creepier Than Hell!

By Robert Paul Reyes

"As the Crimson Tide quickly and relentlessly as[s]erted themselves as the nation`s best team, last night`s BCS championship game between Alabama and Notre Dame offered few surprises. One amusing wrinkle, in a shuddering sort of way, was the copious amount of time spent by the game`s broadcasters discussing Alabama quarterback AJ McCarron`s girlfriend Katherine Webb, statuesque Auburn alum."



Imagine my surprise when I turned on the BCS championship game between Alabama and Notre Dame and discovered that Brent Musburger, not only was still alive, but was one of the broadcasters a[s]signed to this prestigious event.

I was convinced that the ultimate shill, Musburger, had died back in the 70`s, during one of his frequent paeans to the glories of working for NBC.

Since his heyday Musburger has worked for every sports entity in the business. Turn on one of the hundreds of iterations of ESPN, anytime day or night, and Musburger is broadcasting a game somewhere in the wide world of sports.

There was no drama on the gridiron field, and I can understand Musburger`s temptation to ruminate on the beauty of Alabama quarterback AJ McCarron`s girlfriend Katherine Webb, but Musburger managed to creep everyone out last night.

Musburger was a male chauvinist pig, and yes that outdated phrase fits him perfectly, even in the age of Twitter and Facebook.

I would have been less creeped out if Musburger and Herbstreit had been discussing hemorrhoid remedies or their favorite erectile dysfunction drug.

As a result of the Musburger controversy, thousands have joined Katherine Webb`s Twitter feed, and thousands more have added Musburger to a dead celeb pool.

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