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Published:January 23rd, 2013 12:14 EST

Articles About Neanderthal Cloning Prove to be False

By John Pustelnik

Articles have sprung up around the web claiming that a Harvard professor is actively seeking a woman to be a Neanderthal`s surrogate mother. In reality, he has no plans to do so.

Many news outlets posted articles recently saying that a Harvard professor, George Church, has gathered enough DNA from Neanderthal fossils and is actively seeking an "adventurous" mother to clone a Neanderthal. This turned out to be false.


Church has clarified that his interview with a German magazine was badly misinterpreted due to bad translations.

Church said that the cloning of Neanderthal`s might be possible someday, and raises many different ethical concerns.

"I`m certainty not advocating it," Church said. " I`m saying, if it is technically possible someday, we need to start talking about it today."

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