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Published:January 30th, 2013 13:18 EST

Stinky Family Kicked Out of Paris Museum

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Guards told a family visiting a Paris museum they had to leave because people were complaining about their smell, news sources reported.

The couple and a young child were on a free trip to the Musee d`Orsay with a charity that supports struggling families, the British newspaper The Daily Telegraph reported."



The French have a reputation for having very poor personal hygiene; many French people go days without taking a bath.

I`m pleased to discover that at least at the Musee d`Orsay visitors are expected to maintain a certain level of personal hygiene.

The offending couple and young child were given the tickets to attend the museum by a charity that supports poor families.

Shame on the charity for not giving toothpaste, deodorants, and soap to the struggling family before they dispatched them to a prestigious museum where they would mix with regular folks.

In the United States many normal people don`t patronize libraries; these public places are a magnet for the homeless seeking refuge from inclement weather. These homeless folks reek of urine and feces, and unfortunately librarians can`t kick them out for fear they will be sued.

All I`m asking for is a little common sense; nobody should be allowed to enter any public building if he smells like a portable restroom.

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