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Published:February 2nd, 2013 10:43 EST

Dude Walking His Pooch On Beach Finds Lump Of Valuable Whale Vomit

By Robert Paul Reyes

"A British man said he was walking his dog on the beach when the canine discovered a lump of whale vomit -- also known as ambergris -- worth some $158,550.

Ken Wilman said his boxer, Madge, discovered the smelly lump on a Morecambe, England, beach and an online search identified the 6-pound object as ambergris, an ingredient in perfume that could be worth as much as $158,550, The Mirror reported Thursday."



My dog Mandy has a penchant for eating her own vomit, I`m afraid that if I took her walking on the beach and she saw lump of whale vomit worth thousands she would gobble it up.

I`ve dreamed of striking it rich by finding a pot of gold, but I never imagined that some lucky dude could hit the jackpot by finding a lump of whale vomit.

Wilman plans on sending a sample of the lump to scientists to verify if it is authentic ambergris vomit from a sperm whale. It could be that a string-bikini clad Rosie O`Donnell was vacationing on the beach in England, making everyone retch in disgust.

I`m hoping that Wilman struck gold, and not Rosie O`Donnell induced human vomit.

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