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Published:February 2nd, 2013 13:22 EST
Judyth Piazza interviews Singer, Songwriter, Producer & Actor Belle Vex on The American Perspective

Judyth Piazza interviews Singer, Songwriter, Producer & Actor Belle Vex on The American Perspective

By Judyth Piazza CEO (Editor)

Judyth Piazza and Belle Vex discuss his music, his friends and his success on The American Perspective radio program..

Born in New Bedford, MA, Barry C. Fernandes began his music career at a very early age playing cello from third to tenth grade while heavily being tuned into MTV and BET. Music was his clear passion. From creating beats electronically, playing in two live bands, mentoring numerous artists, and even acting in two short films, Fernandes` creativity has always guided him. 

Life wasn`t so easy for the young musician, however. Fernandes escaped from a broken, abusive household and dead-end relationship to attend college for a double major in audio and film while studying acting at Boston Casting all throughout college. He earned his BS in Audio but after running out of money, he dropped out falling 17 credits short for his BS in film. After a brief stent in California and even releasing a music album under an old name, Fernandes suffered major injuries in two car accidents.

Heavily medicated, he remained bed ridden and was both physically and mentally damaged -- Fernandes had lost all hope of being an actor. He was disinterested and overcome by pain he began a vicious downward spiral. 

A glimmer of hope came when the music he had put out in April picked up with some of the anime/comic book fans and he was invited to perform at conventions. Fernandes enjoyed this, but was still on the plunge into depression. 

After being put on even more medication, this shut him down. He had SEVERE DEPRESSION. Fernandes eventually became homeless and had to live with people who could take care of him. Unwilling to accept everything that was happening, he started attempting suicide.

In April of this year (2012), Fernandes had finally lost it completely and tried to throw his life away one last time. He made a deal with himself that if it didn`t work, that was it; if he survived, he had to do something other than just give up because there was nothing else to give.


Having survived his last attempt (and gratefully so), Fernandes re-dedicated his life to music. It was the only thing he felt comfortable with and the only thing that made sense. He promised himself that his new life would not be for me, but rather a symbol for everyone who has ever experienced what he went through. He would make something out of himself and turn it all around to show how possible it is without having to "sell out." He made a decision to take it serious with all cards on the table - and not hide who he is. 

Fernandes locked himself into a small room big enough for him and just wrote music nonstop for two weeks. When finished, he had something for others. He couldn`t save himself and no one came to save him so it had to be for others. That`s why giving back is so important to Belle Vex.

Still homeless and practically disowned by his hometown family, but with a deep awakening for purpose and a rekindling of his passion, Fernandes took his laptop and the clothes on his back to Bridgeport, Connecticut where he`s been ever since. He has made some friends and has managed to survive by picking up a part time job as a studio manager in exchange for room and board. Plus now he is being booked up and down the eastern seaboard at various venues. Any money he earns goes into this music career. He is all in.