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Published:February 6th, 2013 11:42 EST

Construction Worker Falls 30 Feet On Pile Of Bubble Wrap, Spared From Serious Injuries!

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Emergency responders in Boston said a construction worker who fell 30 feet was spared serious injury when he landed on bubble wrap.

A spokesman for the Boston Fire Department said the 38-year-old worker fell 30 feet off a building and landed in a pile of bubble wrap taken from the construction site`s scaffolding."



Bubble Wrap is a marvelous invention that protects all kinds of products during the shipping and handling process.

But who knew that Bubble Wrap would spare a construction worker who fell 30 feet from serious injury.

It`s a miracle that the construction worker landed on a pile of bubble wrap, and it`s an even greater miracle that passerby hadn`t popped the air bubbles in the Bubble Wrap.

Whenever I buy merchandise that`s wrapped in Bubble Wrap I pop the air bubbles before I examine my new purchase. A big pile of Bubble Wrap isn`t going to stay unpopped for too long, that construction worker is fortunate to be alive.

Bubble Wrap, one of humankind`s greatest inventions, right up there with the invention of the wheel and the Internet.

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