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Published:February 6th, 2013 13:02 EST

Will Jodi Arias' Delicate Hands Save Her From The Death Penalty?

By Robert Paul Reyes

Jodi Arias in on trial for the brutal murder of Travis Alexander which occurred on June 4, 2008.

This week Arias took the witness stand, and I was amazed by her virtuoso performance. I can`t remember what I ate for breakfast yesterday, but the 32-year-old Arias recalled in detail events going back to her childhood days.


It`s never a good idea to let a defendant take the stand, but after Arias` testimony I wish the Pope would canonize her a saint.

Jodi was cool as a cucumber, calm as a sleeping baby, and as demure as a nun. I was hypnotized by her soft voice, reassured by her glasses, and I was mesmerized by her delicate hands.

These are not the hands of a psychopath who shot Travis in the face, slit his throat from ear to ear, and stabbed him 29 times.

These are not the gaudily painted fingernails of a blond bombshell, but the delicate hands of a pious girl who only wanted to be a good Mormon, and a solid citizen.

These are the hands of a pianist, or a mother caressing her baby. I feel like wrapping her feminine hands in my hands, and protecting her from a cruel world that wishes to put her to death for making one small mistake.

In a world where OJ Simpson got away with double murder, and Tot Mom got away with murdering her daughter, there`s a good chance that at least one juror will be enthralled by Jodi`s performance and vote "Not Guilty."

Yes, I realize that the prosecution will soon get their chance to rip Jodie`s testimony apart, but I still wouldn`t be surprised if soon Jodi will be free, sporting a blond hairdo, and brightly colored fingernails.

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