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Published:February 13th, 2013 10:39 EST

Video! Is Your Child Prone To Sleep Texting?

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Teenagers are prolific texters. But now`s there`s evidence that they are even doing it in their sleep.

It`s called sleep texting.


`It`s just what you`d think it is, it`s texting while asleep,` says Elizabeth Dowdell, nursing professor at Villanova University,  `It`s exactly what is sounds like, or really more between that, you know, that area between being asleep and being awake.`"


This is not a problem for adults; we find our thumbs much too large and a smartphone keyboard much too tiny. The typical adult will text as often as the spirit moves Mike Tyson to write a poem about puppies and butterflies.

Teens on the other hand are compulsive texters, two students can be sitting side by side on the school bus, and instead of talking to each other, they will communicate via text.

I don`t think any parent is surprised that their young children are prone to text while they sleep. As long as their kids aren`t sexting while sleeping, they probably aren`t concerned.

There`s a hundred and one things worse that kids can do in bed: Wetting their beds, smoking a joint, sneaking in a girlfriend, eating snacks and making a mess -- you get the picture.

Shame on egghead professors who waste time and money researching nonsense. So some kids text while they sleep, big wow.

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