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Published:February 14th, 2013 10:50 EST

Video! Marco Rubio's God Awful 'Water Bottle' Moment Destroyed His Career!

By Robert Paul Reyes

Marco Rubio, the Great Hispanic Hope of the Republican Party, was chosen to deliver the response to Obama`s State of the Union speech. This is an honor equivalent to a superstar athlete selected to appear on the cover of Sports Illustrated just a few days before a championship game.


Bobby Jindal`s presidential aspirations were blown away after his amateurish and clownish response to an Obama State of the Union address.

It`s impossible to compete with the pomp and circumstance of a president speaking before a joint session of Congress, especially if the president is an eloquent speaker.

Rubio looked like a schoolboy delivering a speech for a cable access TV program; unfortunately his speech was seen by millions.

Nobody remembers the substance of Rubio`s speech, but we can`t forget the " water bottle" moment.

Rubio lunged for a water bottle offscreen, way offscreen, like a dozen yards away. He made a terrifyingly intimate moment of eye contact with the audience, as if he had just been caught relieving himself. The former presidential hopeful took a quick sip from the tiny bottle, and then put it back.

Rubio is an embarrassment to the Republican Party, Hispanics and to human beings in general. I`m not suggesting that Rubio fall on his own sword, but I hope he realizes that his political career is over.

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