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Published:February 18th, 2013 19:01 EST

Lady Making Out With Boyfriend Crashes Car Into House

By Robert Paul Reyes

"The Florida Highway Patrol said a driver lost control of her car while getting "amorous` with her boyfriend and crashed the vehicle through a vacant house."



Women are amazing at multitasking, I`ve seen females eat, text and drive at the same time. But how many times have dudes crashed, because they spotted a hot girl out of the corner of their eye?

If a guy is tempted to make out with his girlfriend while he is driving, he should immediately pull over, and have her sit in the back seat. We can only focus on one thing at a time, and it`s asking for trouble to even think about sex while we are driving.

Apparently sex can also distract a female driver, getting amorous with her boyfriend resulting in this woman plowing her vehicle through a house that fortunately was vacant.

You`ve heard of "Don`t drink and drive", well don`t get amorous and drive either.

Walker was charged with careless driving.

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