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Published:February 20th, 2013 08:09 EST
Bladerunner Brouhaha: Pistorius` Story Shot Full of 9 MM Bullet Holes!

Bladerunner Brouhaha: Pistorius` Story Shot Full of 9 MM Bullet Holes!

By John G. Kays

Blade Runner`s affidavit full of bullet holes. One hour of non-stop shouting, a neighbor hears (between 2-3 AM, 2/14). Police find .38 caliber ammunition for an unregistered handgun at Pistorius` Silver Lakes Golf Estate. One source says they found the actual illegal .38, but this could use a second confirmation. And this just out, from a second day in court; cops found testosterone and needles in Blade Runner`s bedroom, the morning of Valentine`s Day, Pestoria, South Africa. 

Valentine`s Day is suppose to be romantic; disturbing domestic gun violence just re-defined the heart-dream holiday for South Africa! Reeva Steenkamp blows a subconscious farewell kiss on Reality TV, thinking it a clever Show Biz antic; little did she know the blown kiss was the Real Deal. How darkly ironic is such a goodbye kiss? Furthermore, how paranoid was Blade Runner about home invaders? How deep was he into steroids?

And what about Reeva`s ipad? Might it expose the nature of this heated argument, so loud, it awakens neighbors? We`ll want to know just how far away the ear-witness`s house was from Blade Runner`s fortified mansion, so we can gauge just how loud they carried on. I sense detectives found pertinent clues on Ms Steenkamp`s ipad, that strengthened their charge of premeditated murder. Had an older flame emailed her or sent her an electronic Valentine?

ABC now has a animated simulation, mirroring Blade Runner`s fantastical affidavit account of a misidentified home invader, ala Clockwork Orange, that led him down the bumpy road to UltraViolence relived! The crick in his story, according to the prosecutor, is that BR claims he didn`t have time to put on his legs when reacting to sounds of the would be burglar. The prosecution contrarily affirms he cold and calmly puts on his legs, grabs his 9 mm, and strolls over to the bathroom door, which turns into a makeshift shooting range! 

The star-crossed couple looked like mannequins in the ABC animation, faceless such as in the Pink Floyd cover Wish You Were Here! Needless to say, we lose the human touch (as if there is any to lose). Coupled with this, we have the (now we can say) plastic, positive image of this underdog jock hero appearing at so many photo ops, such as the Olympics in London last summer. Yet who were we seeing really?

Did Blade Runner suffer from chronic green-eyed jealousy? Did Reeva correspond with rugby star Francois Hougaard (a former boyfriend) that last ill-fated night? Did he mask an inferiority complex, that stems from his disabilities? Why so gun crazed? Did discharging firearms replace a compromised masculinity? Is The Beatles` phrase Happiness Is A Warm Gun apropos in the context of this ritualistic Valentine`s shooting? 

Blade Runner won`t make bail; that`s assured. Flight risk; too crazy, crying copious crocodile tears in court, probably just for himself. Funeral in Elizabeth for a ravishing beauty who hooked up with the wrong man (a freak of nature), a confused little boy with too many blood-curdling toys to play with. A doomed soul! A throw back to Stan Lee`s Marvel Comic brilliance, The X-Men (as I envision it). It`s comic book-like news coming from the press, anyway. Look to the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants for clues. Perceived good morphs to Evil in the wink of an eye; especially in the arena of International Super-Sports!