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Published:February 20th, 2013 21:08 EST

Sony Unveils the PlayStation 4

By John Pustelnik

On February 20th, Sony unveiled their upcoming game console, the PlayStation 4.

The console features a redesigned controlled called the DualShock 4. It has a built in touch pad and a light bar used to communicate with dual-cameras that are able to track movement in 3D space. There is also a "share" button on the controller, used for sharing content on social media.


Sony said that the main focus of the PS4 was to make it easier for developers to make games on the system. They placed less emphasis on specs, and more emphasis on the experiences this time around.

Speaking of specs, the PS4 has 8GB of memory and a X86 CPU with 8 cores. Sony opted to use a standard X86 chip in order to make it easier for developers to make games. The GPU is nearly 2 TeraFLOP/s. There is also a dedicated chip for background uploads and downloads, whether while running or in sleep mode.

The PS4 can stream games directly to the PlayStation Vita, allowing PS4 games to be played on the PS Vita as well as a TV.

Another feature of the PS4 is the ability to play downloaded games before they are even finished downloading.

The release date and price for the console have yet to be revealed.

Watch the PS4 Unveiling: 

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