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Published:June 10th, 2013 15:13 EST
The Professors Satire 101

The Professors Satire 101

By G. Tod Slone

If it concerns me, it is not satire! It`s racist, disrespectful, and downright offensive!

Me too! Well, maybe not racist. But I know what you mean.







G. Tod Slone, lives in Barnstable, MA, permanently trespassed from Sturgis Library due to written criticism and critical cartoons vis a vis the library, founding editor of The American Dissident, a 501 c3 nonprofit journal of literature, democracy & dissidence (, doctoral degree from the Universite de Nantes (France), and fervent critic of the academic/literary established order. P. Maudit (Poete Maudit) is his cartoonist`s sobriquet.