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Published:February 25th, 2013 11:46 EST
Some People are Just Plain Crazy

Some People are Just Plain Crazy

By Ron G Anselm

I was sitting in my apartment one Saturday morning bored to tears. I live in Alabama and unless you are a redneck from this area (which I am not even close to being) with a collection of Camouflage pants and jackets used to go into the woods with your shotgun and a flask of Rum and Coke to try to hunt your next wild animal you just ain`t going to fit in.  And, I admit, I don`t fit in nor do I want to. 

Since I don`t have Malibu Beach nearby to go surfing and hitting crests of waves at warp speed, I decided to surf the Information Superhighway better known as the Internet to try to find whatever may be funny out there to put a smile on my face and give me a little chuckle.  I came across an article that did just that.

Now, I know people do weird and funny things that make us scratch our head but what this guy did in the article I read made me stop for a second and say to myself, What in the world was this guy thinking?

A 44-year old man who worked in a warehouse packing stress balls for a novelty store in the UK (United Kingdom) lost it and punched his boss and threatened to kill his co-workers. Darren Baldwin who pulled out two knives in a scuffle and also told one of his co-workers I will cut you up decided to eat a bowl of dumb ass that morning and act as stupid as a California blonde on crack which ended with him getting taken out of his place of business in handcuffs.

Either this guy doesn`t know the meaning of what a stress ball is used for or maybe he hadn`t had his morning coffee yet; better yet he may have forgot to take his Prozac but whatever the reason, he sure may want to consider taking anger management classes after he gets out of jail.

Hmmmm, also maybe ol` Darren should have pulled out some stress balls instead of two knives if his Fruit of the Looms were in an uproar over whatever (because the reason was not given as to why this guy lost it) and started squeezing the stress balls like he was squeezing his Mothers (you know what) if he was breastfeeding because he would have been better off.

I guess the morale of this story is; when you get up in the morning make sure to first have your morning coffee, take your Prozac and don`t grab the box of cereal that has the words "Dumb Ass" on it because you may end up like this guy.  More than likely you will living the words three hot`s and a cot in a small cell in some prison with Bubba living right next door to you.


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