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Published:February 27th, 2013 12:52 EST

Drunk Dude Discovers Pearl In Oyster

By Robert Paul Reyes

"A British man who bought a pair of fresh oysters to treat his hangover said he discovered a pearl inside one of the mollusks.

James Humphries, 34, of Newquay, England, said he bought the oysters -- which he described as  `the perfect hangover cure` -- from E Rawle & Co. fishmongers Saturday morning after a night of drinking, and discovered a pearl while eating his breakfast."



I think it would be fair to describe Humphries as a " lush." The gentleman describes oysters as the perfect hangover cure; evidently he has tried every hangover cure under the sun.

But thank goodness the English gentleman was aware enough not to swallow the pearl, and to recognize its worth.

The only moral that I can glean from this interesting tale is that God blesses gentleman who imbibe with impunity.

Oysters not only treat hangovers they are also a great aphrodisiac, fortunately Humphries didn`t get randy and give away his pearl to the first cute chick he saw. He plans on keeping the pearl of great price.

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