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Published:March 3rd, 2013 12:08 EST

Police Pooch Finds Stolen Gun And Fires It Into A Home

By Robert Paul Reyes

"An Essex County police dog searching for a stolen pistol in Lawrence was able to locate the weapon Saturday morning but not without managing to fire it with his paw.


According to the Eagle Tribune, Ivan, a specially trained police dog, was searching for the pistol in a snow bank near Crescent and May streets when the weapon discharged into a home at 82 Crescent St. No one was hurt."


All pooches, not just specially trained police canines, love to retrieve lost items. My dog, Mandy, enjoys stealing items from my house (socks, small electronics, dish rags) and burying them in my backyard, inevitably she digs them up a few hours or a few days later and brings them back inside. No harm no foul, I guess she figures.

I`m not surprised the police dog found the stolen pistol in a snow bank, but I am surprised he managed to fire it with his paw. Typical trigger happy police official!

I wonder if the residents of 82 Crescent St. bought the story that it was a police dog that fired into their home. I`m sure they are so doggone mad over the incident that they have already contacted a lawyer.

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