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Published:March 6th, 2013 11:31 EST

History Channel's 'The Bible' Clobbers 'American Idol' In The Ratings!

By Robert Paul Reyes

"The History network`s first installment of the miniseries `The Bible` aired twice Sunday, for a otal audience of 14.8 million people -- topping both of last week`s episodes of  `American Idol.`


`The Bible,` produced by the husband-and-wife team of `Survivor` creator Mark Burnett and actress Roma Downey , will air in four more installments concluding March 31, Easter Sunday.

Meanwhile, both of last week`s episodes of `American Idol` had the smallest audiences -- 13.3 million viewers on on Wednesday, 12.6 million Thursday -- since the series joined Fox`s regular schedule more than a decade ago, the Nielsen company said."

The Washington Times

The History channel`s "The Bible" is beating the Bejesus out of American Idol. Evangelicals believe that "The Bible" is real history, more real than the country hijinks of "Here Comes Honey Boo Boo ", and more genuine than the manufactured drama between Mariah Carey and Nicki Minaj of "American Idol."

Idol is in such a downward spiral that if the Watching Grass Grow network released a miniseries featuring landscapers mowing and tending the lawn in the White House it would crush the long running Fox show.

Idol producers need to make drastic changes to match the ratings of "The Bible." They can start by firing Illuminati puppet Nicki Minaj and replacing her with a Catholic nun.

They should urge Randy Jackson to stop saying "Dawg" all the time, and instead exclaim "Praise the Lord" when a competitor does a good job.

Idol needs to fight fire with fire, before things really go to hell. For the Idol finale they should bring back Nicki Minaj, not to perform, but to have the demons driven out of her by an exorcist.

Actually Idol doesn`t have a prayer, not even Jesus himself can resurrect this abomination.

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