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Published:March 10th, 2013 12:43 EST
Alice Through the Looking Glass Darkly

Alice Through the Looking Glass Darkly

By Ed Roberts

Alice through the looking glass darkly


Not too long ago

She was daddy`s little girl

Boy band posters on her wall

Her favorite stuffed bunny on her bed

Mr Floppy Ears

She called him

He`d been with her since she was five

That seems so long ago

A page from a fairy tale story

That somehow fell apart way too soon


Through the looking glass she fell

Sneaking out to late-night parties

Smuggling gummy worms to school

Except these were soaked in Vodka

No, she never got caught

But it didn`t matter

You can`t pass Algebra when you`re drunk


Her parents seemed not to notice

Not at first

Maybe it was a phase

Maybe she was having boy problems

They had their own stuff to take care of

Everything would be just fine

But then the looking glass shattered


She was on her way home from a party

Walking alone at night

Half drunk, half stoned

She didn`t notice the van following behind her

She couldn`t run when they jumped out and grabbed her

It all went too fast

Then Wonderland itself froze


Now a father searches through mug shots

And spends his evenings cruising the strip

Placing her picture on streetlights

And windows

Praying for some kind of word


And Alice is living her nightmares

Moving from small town to small town

A prisoner of a slave trade

Far too many believe ended so many years ago

But thrives in the shadows

Of this darkest Wonderland "

Where the Cheshire cat

Has both fangs and claws

And the Mad Hatter

Reigns supreme


So many pray for a happily ever after

That they themselves know

May never come


Ed Roberts