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Published:March 13th, 2013 18:03 EST
National Debt Problem in United States

National Debt Problem in United States

By Glenn Mollette

Our nation must crawl out of debt. If our outgo continues to exceed our income then our upkeep will be our downfall. Our fiscal house is out of order. Therefore there is urgency in our government for more and more money. Where is this money coming from? The money will come from you, your family and friends. We will never be out of debt by enacting more and more taxes on any group in America whether it`s the two percent who are considered rich or the large population of the poor or middle class. We can only do this by eliminating wasteful spending.


A man may have a good income. If his house payment is $4,000 a month, his credit card bi takes their share of his taxes he won`t have much left to survive on. The worst thing he can do is get another credit card, blowing the $5,000 limit on a weekend spending spree and incurring more debt.


As a nation we have gone crazy with debt. We are a poor example for our own citizens and the rest of the world. People in America are drowning in debt. American people are losing their homes every day, filing for bankruptcy and suffering the pain of debt. The answer to the American dilemma is not more debt; more loans and more maxed out credit cards. Families are desperate to get out from underneath the hardship of debt.


America continues to build cities and nations around the world while we continue to increase our debt more and more. This is a huge burden on the American people.   We are taxed to pay for roads, bridges and rebuilding cities in other nations that we cannot afford.


In the process our nation is crumbling because we cannot fix our own bridges and roads. Our Social Security and Medicare systems are struggling because our government continues to indebt us and rob the Social Security system to pay for foreign projects that are beyond our means. Therefore our seniors are becoming poorer, the poor are becoming poorer, our young people cannot find jobs and the middle class is becoming the poor class.


Congress should never raise taxes on any group of people in America. The percentages are high enough. The day will come when someone will try to lead Congress to tax our income by 50%. It won`t just be the rich. We must turn this tide around. The attitude of "why work?" is growing in our nation. At one time people wanted to work longer hours and make more money. Today people sigh and say, "If I make more it will just all go to the government for taxes." Why would we want to impose more taxes on any group in America? The only hope is to cut back on our wasteful spending.


We must eliminate foreign projects that we cannot afford until we have our own house in order. I am not opposed to helping people when we can afford it. We cannot afford it at this juncture in our history. Possibly in a few years we can be more generous. But now we are starving our own children while we give money to other countries in the world that hate us. Let me hasten to say I do not think we can buy friends. Giving money to Pakistan or Libya does not buy friendship with these people. We need to cut out every dime given to Middle Eastern nations with the exception of Israel.


We must eliminate unnecessary wars that drain each of us in our country. Iraq and Afghanistan have cost us between four and five trillion dollars! The average citizen is being taxed more and more to pay for these long and drawn out unnecessary wars. Thousands of lives have been lost in Iraq and Afghanistan. What was accomplished? Those people do not like us any more today than they did before the wars. The mindset of the people has not changed. They still have the same hatred toward America and even toward each other in their own nation.

We can no longer go into greater debt as a nation in order to bale out big banks and Wall Street who pay millions of dollars to executives while Americans are struggling to pay their utility bills. Big bankers and Wall Street executives make millions of dollars each year and live in luxury while middle class Americans are being kicked out of their homes by the very bankers who have been rescued with taxpayer money! Allowing the Federal Reserve to print more money to bale out these greedy millionaires while passing the bill on to a struggling American public is appalling.


America can return to being the strongest financial nation in the world but it`s not going to happen at the current pace. Life for Americans will only become worse unless we all join hands and turn this nation around. I believe we can. We can become a nation with a surplus and not a deficit. We can once again lead the world in employment. We should not become satisfied watching China, Japan, India and other nations steal our manufacturing out from under our noses while our families lose their own homes and our homeless Veterans walk the streets of America.


am dreaming of a day when once again families can put some money in the bank because the government is not taking it all and misusing so much of it while our nation goes further and further into debt. 


Judyth Piazza interviews Dr. Glenn Mollette, Author of American Issues: Every American Has An Opinion