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Published:March 14th, 2013 10:51 EST

Video! School Stops Cruel Mom From Forcing Her Kids To Wear Demeaning Shirts

By Robert Paul Reyes

"A Colorado mother wants to force her kids to wear T-shirts that say they`re a `bully` and  `thief` as punishment for their wrongdoings, but the children`s school won`t let her.


According to KUSA, Jessica Rocha says she has run out of options in trying to curb their bad behavior at school. She says her fiance`s 8-year-old daughter and her 9-year-old son are having serious problems at their elementary school, the station reports.

Rocha says her fiance`s daughter has stolen from Walmart, neighbors, a friend`s house and her purse. She says her son argues and is a bully in school, according to KUSA."

Fox News

Jessica Rocha is the real bully in this incident, by sending her children to school wearing demeaning T-shirts; she will succeed only in making them the object of ridicule.

By forcing her son to wear a T-shirt that reads " bully", she is teaching him that if you are bigger and stronger than somebody else you can force him to do anything. Way to go mom, your son will be a world-class bully by the time he goes to high school.

Rocha`s fiance`s 8-year-old daughter looks like a real sweetheart, and she should find a way of teaching her right from wrong that doesn`t involve embarrassing the young girl in front of her peers.

The girl`s father should think twice before marrying Rocha, does he really want his daughter turning into a mean and spiteful person just like his fiancée.

Thank goodness the principal won`t allow the children to wear the horrible shirts to school. Rocha, her fiancé, and the children need family counseling.

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