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Published:March 15th, 2013 14:53 EST
The World Prays for Pope Francis I

The World Prays for Pope Francis I

By SOP newswire2

We Pray for Francis I 
In his first public homily on March 14, 2013, His Holiness Francis I cited our calling to walk as disciples of Christ and alluded to the idea that a renewal of the Church will only come about through the cross. He warned that a failure to confess Christ before men would reduce the Church to a "pitiful NGO" that walks no longer with Christ, but according to the world.
Thereby he seemed to indicate that he is ready to lay down his life for his friends, and even denounced the example of Peter who shrugged off the cross for fear of persecution (Matthew 16:22). We pray he indeed live up to this by shrugging the influence of Vatican bureaucrats and interfaith commissions that no doubt will try to turn him against sacred tradition.
As he himself stated, there are many snares and temptations placed in our path to try to hamper our advance with the cross, which he calls "movements that are not part of the path", and the greatest snare of our time has been this conciliar movement to update and bend the cross of Christ in order to keep up with the NGO. Francis is now in the hot-seat and treads among many pitfalls, so we pray he continue his praiseworthy commitment to the 15 decade Rosary, that the Holy Virgin might stand at his side and crush the heads of these ecumenical scorpions who seek to unite his Church with the world.  
All things considered, Pope Francis is a good man with the lamp of charity burning in his heart, so we pray he shine that lamp universally over the whole Church without respect to bigoted unions that clamor for change, reform, and alternative styles of life and liturgy. His election comes at the height of the worst crisis of history when the faithful have been all but alienated from the Faith through these progressive aspirations and reforms that have stood between God and his people since Vatican II. We pray he be that "voice of the voiceless" who are in most need of God`s mercy, remembering that the voiceless are the persecuted of God who aspire for a restoration of the Latin Mass and a return of reverence to the Holy Eucharist with the traditional practice of kneeling and receiving on the tongue. The same are those dedicated sons and daughters of the Mary who follow her lead in the cause of restoration. These are those "living stones" of the spiritual household who are called, not to build, but to rebuild the Church back to its former glory.
We indeed pray that Pope Francis I recognize who his true friends are and not permit the agents of the conciliar NGO to stand between Christ and his flock any longer. Fifty years of modernist oppression has kept the people in chains. It`s time they be released, that they may go out and sacrifice freely to their God as they had for 2000 years.
Let us pray that the new pope will stand fully with God, like Moses with his staff, and not be swayed by the Pharaohs in red hats who seek to make his flock subject to them. We pray he be like the good pope in Malachy`s vision "who will feed his flock amidst many tribulations."
By David Martin