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Published:March 16th, 2013 11:38 EST

OMG! Check Out Honey Boo Boo Child Doing The Harlem Shake!

By Robert Paul Reyes

A couple of weeks ago I wrote an essay about the Harlem Shake meme that is shaking up the universe:


I thought it was all silly and harmless fun, but now that I have experienced the Honey Boo Boo version of the Harlem Shake I`m convinced it`s a satanic plot to undermine Western Civilization.

I`ve witnessed Honey Boo Boo Child drunk on Go Go Juice and survived relatively intact, but after watching the spectacle of Honey Boo Boo doing the Harlem Shake, I`m searching Google for an exorcist in my neck of the woods.

I have watched this infernal video dozens of times today; I may never write another article. I feel compelled to warn you, that watching these videos may turn you into a roadkilll eating, moonshine guzzling, cheese ball snacking, dumpster diving redneck.

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