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Published:March 17th, 2013 15:00 EST
Poem: Today is

Poem: Today is

By Ed Roberts

Today is


Today is Thursday

March 14th



My name is Ed

Edward really

I was born

June 27

1958 at 9:30 AM



I ate shredded wheat

For breakfast


I graduated high school

In May

Of 1976


I got married the same year

On October 17th

At my parents house


John F Kennedy Jr

Was shot and killed


November 22nd


I was five then

I remember my grandmother cried


My grandfather died

3 times during one phone call

He was in Dallas

But he came back

He died 8 months later

At home

We both cried then


My best friend Dennis died

He was 17

Shot and killed by another boy

Who was 18

I helped carry his casket

His mother gave me his car

I was 17 as well


Tomorrow is Friday

March 15th



Tomorrow I will eat shredded wheat

For breakfast


It was October 28th


Both of my legs were burned

They said it happened around 6 AM

One of the few mornings

I can not remember

They said I didn`t know my own name

Until 1 PM that day


I sat in the second row

The third seat

On my first day of school

I was 5

My teacher`s name was Miss Butler

It was her first year to teach


I was kneeling on my knees

In the rain

Holding the head of a 16 year old boy

Trying to keep the rain from his face

What was left of it

I was 12


I was 5 years old

My family was on the way to California

My parents took me to the hospital

I was running a temperature of 106

The doctors didn`t know

What was wrong


My son wasn`t 2 yet

The babysitter called

He was sick

We took him to the hospital

The doctors didn`t know what to do

He spent the night there

The next morning

He was better


Today is Thursday

At least I`m pretty sure

It`s Thursday


There are so many pages

So much ink

Used to write this book

Of my life


I close my eyes

And it`s all there


Sometimes the ink fades

Sometimes it burns

Burns way too deep

Sometimes I can not hold the tears


I don`t want to

It stains every page

It touches


Sometimes I wish

All the ink would fade

But in the same breath

I hang on

With all my will

Praying it never does



Today is Thursday

At least for another 40 minutes

And then it will be Friday


And for breakfast tomorrow

I think I will fix myself

An egg sandwich


Ed Roberts 3/14/13


There are so many who fight simply to hold onto yesterday`s memories