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Published:March 19th, 2013 11:53 EST

Video! Dude Discovers Image Of Jesus Christ On Drop Cloth

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Brian Krantz, of Saugus, Mass., recently discovered that a drop cloth he owns depicts the likeness of Christ.

My heart went a million miles an hour,Krantz told WHDH in Boston. I couldn`t breathe, I felt like I was hyperventilating."


New York Daily News

If I discovered that a rag I owned contained the image of Jesus Christ, I would also hyperventilate thinking of all the bucks I could earn selling the damn thing on eBay.

I would immediately put the cloth up for auction on eBay; I sure as hell wouldn`t want a lot of religious fanatics making a pilgrimage to my house begging to see the holy rag.

Krantz plans on framing the drop cloth -- dude, if you discover that a piece of used toilet paper bears the image of the Virgin Mary, for God`s sake don`t frame the filthy thing.

Is it any wonder televangelists make a fortune selling holy water and other Jesus junk?

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