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Published:March 19th, 2013 11:08 EST

Video! Human Statue Punches Effete Tourist

By Robert Paul Reyes

"A PESKY TOURIST was left with a `bloody mouth` after a violent encounter with a human statue dressed as a cowboy on Australia`s Gold Coast.

The tattooed man was videoed taunting the street performer by fiddling with his hat and putting his finger in his ear. The human statue then broke character to punch the pest in the mouth in footage (below) which has now been seen by more than five million people."


The Week

Thank God for Australia where the men are still men and even statues don`t put up with any bullcrap. If you vacation down under don`t tease the dingoes or they might run off with your baby, and don`t torment a statue or he might punch you in the face.

A tattooed and slightly effete mate made the mistake of taunting a street performer playing the part of a human statue.

The seemingly drunk tourist got too friendly with the human statue, caressing his back, sticking his finger in his ear and finally patting his nose. The human statue broke character long enough to punch his tormentor in the nose, and then he quickly reverted to character.

The pesky tourist wasn`t punched for his gay tendencies, but for assaulting (unwanted touching is assault and battery under American law) the street performer.

This video has garnered over seven million views; obviously folks enjoy watching the street performer teaching the creep a lesson.

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