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Published:March 25th, 2013 14:18 EST
Judyth Piazza interviews Adam Bakir, General Manager of Incredible Renovations

Judyth Piazza interviews Adam Bakir, General Manager of Incredible Renovations

By Judyth Piazza CEO (Editor)

Adam Bakir is a graduate in civil engineering majoring in structural engineering with a minor in architecture. He worked as a consulting engineer, and then co-founded the Descon Group of companies in 1979. These are companies that developed many subdivisions and quality custom homes, gated communities, and remodeling in Canada, Mexico and the United States. Adam is a strong believer in Quality work that gets delivered On Time and On Budget at every price level. 

Adam is a also strong believer in continuing education to continuously improve the product and service. He has always been an active member in the community and in the industry serving on many boards. Life member of the board of directors on the Texas Association of Builders. Currently serving as a board member of the National Association of Builders and the Greater Houston Builders Association. He is a Texas board certified Professional Engineer, Graduate Master Builder, Certified Graduate Remodeler and Certified Green building Professional.    

INCREDIBLE Renovations and Their INCREDIBLE Edge

DON`T PAY A CENT UNTIL IT MAKES SENSE: We generate design options, feasibility studies, prepare proposals and share all of our expertise and knowledge with you until you completely approve of the project, the budget and the builder you will partner with. Don`t feel the pressure of paying the other builders` upfront fee that commits you before going through the process.

FULL DISCLOSURE: Not only do we provide you with design options, but we provide you with break downs itemized line by line, including our overhead and profit margins, all above board with nothing to hide. That way you decide what you want to keep or delete if the budget gets exceeded. In construction, changes are sometimes inevitable for a variety of reasons and you should not be shocked with unrealistically small credits and high extras. When you make changes, you will know exactly how much that item costs and should expect a fair credit for it. Likewise, when you want to extend more tile flooring or hardwood, you will know how much per square foot it will cost you.

OUR CLIENTS` INTEREST IS OUR PRIORITY: Members of the Incredible Renovations team treat your project as their own, and the decisions made during construction are in your best interest. You are our partner and we consult with you every step of the way, but we realize that you are busy and we try not to inconvenience you. At times, we encounter damaged components of walls, faulty framing around the work we are contracted to do and other obstacles. We replace and correct deficiencies without charging you extra or inconveniencing you with the details-it`s all built into the cost.

A TRUE ONE-STOP SHOP: Even though we frequently deal with outside architects and professional engineers, we are the only builder/remodeler with the in-house of a licensed professional engineer, architect and interior designer on staff to make sure you get the best design and best service. We handle the HOA approvals, city permits and all else required.

MULTILINGUAL CAPABILITIES: Because our clients are the reason for our existence, we pay close attention and try to understand every need, every cultural requirement and every gesture. As we move further into the 21st century, multilingual communications have become essential in delivering what our clients want. Incredible Renovations bridges the gap between languages and cultures every day. We are uniquely qualified to communicate in English, Spanish, French and Arabic. We stand ready to speak to you about your building and renovation needs.

ON TIME, ON BUDGET: For over 30 years we have held the position that if a builder knows his business, then he has no reason not to commit to a fixed completion date and a fixed price. The argument that by committing to a completion date we may be sacrificing quality doesn`t hold water as we have hundreds, if not thousands, of clients who would confirm that high quality workmanship was delivered even at what may have looked like tight schedules at times. Building within time frames that are 2 to 3 times longer doesn`t mean the quality is 2 to 3 times greater-the contrary is most often true. Every few years, we receive a call from the competition requesting that we stop bragging that we are the only builder that provides a money back guarantee for on time completions. The same thing happens every time with a different builder: the builder copies the offer but drops it after a year in most cases. Why? Because the team members, from the owner/president down to the cleaning crew, have to buy in and commit to such a guarantee. We started offering this guarantee in 1979 and we still offer it today: up to $300/day if we are ever late on your completion date. Period.

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