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Published:March 26th, 2013 22:07 EST

Strange, Metallic-like Object Found on Mars

By John Pustelnik

NASA`s Curiosity Rover has taken a picture of what appears to be a metallic-like object on Mars.

The image was taken on January 30th of 2013.

NASA opted not to investigate the object. Instead, they continued to focus their efforts on digging into the planet for samples to analyze.


Estimating the size of the object is difficult, since the distance from the object to the rover is unknown. Elisabetta Bonora, an Italian imaging specialist, estimates the size of the object to be between two and three centimeters long.

The material makeup of the object has not been revealed.

"The shiny surface suggests that this rock has a fine grain and is relatively hard," said Curiosity scientists. "Hard, fine-grained rocks can be polished by the wind to form very smooth surfaces."

It would be rare if the object were to be metal, since metal on the surface of the planet should have all rusted over time.

Whether or not the object was metal may never be known.

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