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Published:March 27th, 2013 13:49 EST

Video! Nike's 'Winning Takes Care of Everything' Tiger Woods Slogan Cynical

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Nike is causing a social media storm with its latest online ad showing a picture of Tiger Woods overlaid with a quote from him, `Winning takes care of everything.`


The ad, posted on Facebook and Twitter, is supposed to allude to the fact that the golfer recovered from career stumbles to regain his world No. 1 ranking on Monday, which he lost in October 2010. But some say it`s inappropriate in light of Woods` past marital woes. It`s the latest controversy from the athletic giant who has recently had to cut ties with biker Lance Armstrong and runner Oscar Pistorius due to separate scandals.

Woods has long used the phrase -- at least since 2009 -- whenever reporters ask him about his or other golfers` rankings."

The Salt Lake City Tribune

On November 25, 2009 the National Enquirer published an expose claiming that Woods had an extramarital affair with Rachel Uchitel. Two days later, around 2:30 a.m. on November 27, Woods left home in his Cadillac Escalade and, while still on his street, collided with a fire hydrant, a tree, and several hedges.

Everybody in America knows the rest of the story: It turns out the horndog golfer had an affair not only with Rachel Uchitel, but with just about every other model/porn star/waitress in the Western hemisphere.

As a result of his myriad infidelities the superstar lost his marriage, most of his endorsements with the notable exception of Nike, and his ability to concentrate on the golf course and win tournaments.

After three long years in the wilderness Woods has finally reclaimed his position as the No. 1 golfer in the world. But winning doesn`t take care of everything, those of us who honor honesty and fidelity will never think of Tiger the same way again, and we will never buy any Nike products.

Ask Tiger Woods` young children if winning takes care of everything; I`m sure they would settle for a mediocre golfer as a father as long as he was still married to their mother and lived with them.

Nike`s Winning Takes Care of Everything " marketing slogan is cynical, and it`s bound to turn off self-respecting golf fans from buying Nike merchandise.

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