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Published:March 29th, 2013 11:42 EST

Video! Outrage: Joe Biden Takes Another Luxury Vacation

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Vice President Biden today is enjoying his third vacation of the year, a five day sojourn on South Carolina`s luxurious Kiawah Island, where he will no doubt partake of his favorite pastime, golf.


Biden and his wife Jill arrived on the island " known as a golf mecca " Thursday night and are not scheduled to depart before Monday."

White House Dossier

"The office of the vice presidency isn`t worth a bucket of warm pis*"

John Nance Garner, 32nd Vice President of the United States

The office of the vice presidency isn`t worth a bucket of warm p***, most vice presidents are as charismatic as a glass of warm beer, and as useful as useful as a can of watered-down paint.

A vice president attends the funerals of foreign dignitaries, walks the White House dog, and stays out of the limelight.

No vice president is entitled to one vacation a year, but Joe Biden is enjoying his third luxury vacation of the year at taxpayers` expense.

I admit that Biden serves a useful purpose by serving as the court jester, distracting our attention away from King Obama as rules by executive decree, making a mockery of the Constitution.

Shame on Joe Biden, I hope Bo the White House pooch, bites his behind the next time he takes him for a walk.

I know Biden doesn`t really walk Bo, I just like to pretend he actually does something useful.

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