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Published:April 3rd, 2013 08:15 EST
Killings of Mike McLelland and Tom Clements Have Troubling Similarities!

Killings of Mike McLelland and Tom Clements Have Troubling Similarities!

By John G. Kays

"You know they can do something bad to you, since they`ve already done something bad to somebody else."  Mike McLelland

Mike McLelland`s recent comment seems particularly profound and poignant in light of the fact that its prophetic meaning has come to pass. It`s as if whoever`s behind this took him up on his offer. 

Connecting the dots, so far, has been unsuccessful; is there a specific, provable tie-in between Mark Hasse`s slaying and that of Kaufman County District Attorney Mike McClelland and his wife Cynthia?

And what about Colorado prison official Tom Clements, who was killed at his home on March 19th? Is it related to the three cases in Kaufman County? For example, why was Clements` killer Evan Ebel traveling in North Texas? Is this just another odd coincidence? 

One mutual item linking the two crime scenes, is that the killer or killers must have rung the doorbell of the homes. In the case of McLelland, his wife Cynthia must have answered the door, since that`s where she was lying when shot.

I see an eerie similarity in the MOs of Clements and of the McLellands; both were at home, relaxing with their families, and perhaps their defenses were down. Whoever ordered the hits probably knew this and realized these public officials were most vulnerable when at home.

Moreover, this maximizes the humiliation and also sends out a signal to other prosecutors in Texas (and elsewhere), we can get you wherever you are; a strong level of control (we have the upper hand), an iron fist is doled out.

Getting them at home where they are most vulnerable also sends out the greatest level of fear to other officials and to the public at large. Recent news stories reference a discrepancy between the number of times Cynthia was shot versus how many times Mike was shot.

Apparently, McLelland was shot as many as 20 times, and yet an unnamed federal source says Cynthia was only shot once. An earlier Fort Worth Star-Telegram report said there were multiple .223 caliber shell casings noticed near to both bodies.

I favor this earlier version of the crime scene, where brazen overkill from an automatic weapon is a better fit with the suggested MO (a rapid assassination by recruited gunmen). That`s my opinion of what went down; a new CNN story says the next door neighbors never heard anything. 

It`s suggested, the shooting occurred late Friday night, when a neighbor further away did hear some reports discharged from a firearm. This could, perhaps, be explained by the way the sound projected out of this rather large McLelland home, which is near Forney, Texas.

I would think the assassins were in and out in a matter of minutes; this would help to explain why nobody much saw anything or heard anything. These are signs of a very carefully planned out execution; but who`s behind these killings (we, of course, want to know)?

One and the same CNN article (Neighbor of slain Texas prosecutor said he heard nothing unusual) has a few quotes from people who can put this into context, speaking with a parcel of authority. Frank Meeink (a former white supremacist skinhead) favors the theory that the Aryan Brotherhood of Texas is behind it, while Terry Pelz (a former Texas prison warden and expert on the ABT) favors one of the Mexican drug cartels, who apparently are behind a flourishing methamphetamine distribution-chain in that area. I believe Terry is on to something here; this looks more like the drug cartels to me.