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Published:April 4th, 2013 10:49 EST

Artist Jason Mecier Creates Lindsay Lohan Portrait Made Out Of Trash: Video

By Robert Paul Reyes

"This portrait of her (Lindsay Lohan) made entirely out of garbage too artist Jason Mecier over 50 hours to complete, and it`s pretty awesome (and fitting). Take a look below! - The best part? What the mosaic is comprised of, among other things:


Alcohol bottles, collectable Mean Girls merchandise, LiLo CDs and DVDs, bullet casings, cigarette butts, cut up credit cards, handcuffs, makeup products, and prescription pills."

Holloywood Gossip

It doesn`t take a brilliant pop culture critic to opine that our pop culture is trash. It takes a brave soul to dive into the cesspool of filth that passes for popular entertainment: Network reality shows that dehumanize participants, cable shows that push the envelope to the gutter, sports programming that desensitize us to violence, and video games that breeds serial killers and spree killers...

No personality better illustrates the trashy nature of celeb culture than our beloved LiLo. If a psychologist played a name association game with me, and she flashed a photo of Lohan these are the words that would come to mind: Booze, drugs, insanity, shallow, degradation, jail, rehab, and sticky fingers.

Jason Mecier is a respected artist, and only a Philistine would criticize his work, but why in God`s name didn`t he use manure and collagen?

I do give Mecier credit for not using dirty underwear since the troubled thespian eschews wearing undergarments.

The garbage Lohan actually looks better than the real Lohan whose face has been ravaged by alcoholism, drug use and dubious plastic surgery.

LiLo would be well-advised to buy the garbage portrait from the noted artist and hang it in a prominent place in her house.

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