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Published:April 8th, 2013 13:37 EST

International Pillow Fight Day A Huge Success: Video

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Hundreds of people showed up in cities across the globe to participate in International Pillow Fight Day 2013, officials said.


On Saturday, people showed up in more than 140 cities worldwide, including New York, Montreal, Washington, D.C., and Cambridge, Mass., to do combat with fluffy pillows."


It`s thrilling, cathartic, and just plain fun to participate in a pillow fight. You can bop a pillow against a person`s noggin with all your might, knowing it won`t even leave as much as a scratch or a bruise. This is the most peaceful way to reduce stress and release pent-up aggression.

Sentencing habitual violent criminals like Charlie Sheen and Lindsay Lohan to anger management classes is a waste of time; instead they should be forced to engage in a mass pillow fight.

Why in God`s name aren`t there any professional pillow fighting sports leagues? Pillow fighting athletes wouldn`t have to worry about concussions or suffering a devastating Kevin Ware type injury.

A league of lingerie-clad female pillow-fighting athletes would be more popular than the NFL. Fans could bring their own pillows to the game, and either use them as seat cushions or playfully toss them at the referees when they make a suspect call.

Lil` Kim, the dictator of North Korea, and President Obama could work out their geopolitical issues in a pillow fight.

International Pillow Fight Day: God`s favorite holiday!


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