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Published:April 12th, 2013 08:18 EST
With Andy Hick`s Grim Discovery of Katelyn Markham`s Remains, Little Closure for Friends, Family, and Even Writers!

With Andy Hick`s Grim Discovery of Katelyn Markham`s Remains, Little Closure for Friends, Family, and Even Writers!

By John G. Kays

The circumstances of finding Katelyn Markham`s remains at a dump site, Big Cedar Creek in Cedar Grove, Indiana (by Andy Hicks on Sunday, April 7, 2013) are horrific and devastating to friends, family, and yea, even writers or journalists who have covered her story. One might speculate, it could bring a modicum of closure for all involved, but I don`t find that can ring true in this case. Whoever left her remains in this ungodly spot is still out there. And then there`s the lingering question of quite a few loose-ends, a few details.

After noticing that one of my old stories on Katelyn Markham (first filed in mid-August of 2011) was again getting quite a few visits on The Student Operated Press, I did a Google search to see if there were some new developments on her case. Just yesterday, I read of the shocking discovery by Andy Hicks on WLWT News 5 and saw his account on news footage. I was so stricken by feelings, I had to put it down until this morning, as the nearly two year old accounts of Katelyn`s mystifying disappearance slowly reemerged in my mind.

I was fortunate this morning, in that WLWT had archived there original reports with lots of video clips, dating back to mid-August of 2011, there in Fairfield, Ohio; these clips included several interviews with a very startled John Carter, who was Katelyn`s devoted fiance, as well as the last person who saw her, shortly before parting ways from her Dorshire Drive townhouse. When seeing footage of her townhouse, the circumstances of her case (that never made any sense to me at all) returned to my feeble memory.

Okay, so I remembered; the oddest clue of all was the text message John received that just had an image of Katelyn. Most of us who covered her story were suspicious this text was actually sent by her abductor, not by Katelyn herself. After these new developments, that suspicion still seems to hold up. Only Ms Markham and her cell phone were missing from her townhouse; the place didn`t appear to be particularly disturbed or anything like that.

Another oddity, however, is that her dog had been put in another room with the door closed. Was it Katelyn who secured the dog or was it a visitor? At the time, it was pointed out by the police, the inside of her townhouse didn`t suggest it was crime scene. No evidence present of a scuffle (I mean) or a struggle of some sort; let`s see, I believe the police told the press then, there (her case garnered a great deal of national coverage, as I remember) was no indication of foul play.

Contrary to this, I always believed the inside of the townhouse was where this nightmare originated. I never suspected John Carter, but rather felt like the guilty person had been stalking Katelyn for sometime; I even believe he was at this music festival John and Katelyn attended, the afternoon before she vanished. In my way of thinking, the perpetrator was watching her townhouse, and waited until John Carter left. Then he approaches the townhouse and rings the doorbell.

Katelyn mistakenly thinks it`s John returning (I don`t suppose she paused for a moment to peer in the front door peephole), having possibly forgotten something, and opens the door to this stranger, who took her way, probably at gunpoint. This is what I think happened; it just flowed out, I didn`t know I was going to write troubling narrative. Is Gurpreet Kang the man who went to her door and rang? A good lead to follow up on!