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Published:April 14th, 2013 20:01 EST
NASA Knows E.T. Exists?

NASA Knows E.T. Exists?

By Ron G Anselm

"Out of the mysteries of space and our universe come other Life Forms that tend to suddenly show-up at our doorstep here on Earth because they are as curious about us as we are about them." (Anselm, R.)

I normally don`t touch on this subject because I really never believed there are aliens out there that live among our universe but over the last few years I have developed a little more curiosity about this from what I have heard on the news and read about on the Internet.

If you think about it f or a minute would it really make sense that we humans are the only life form that exists in this millions upon millions of square miles and beyond universe that our planet sits in and spins around? Not likely. I believe there are other forms of life that do exist and just like we have been curious about those other forms of life so are they about us.

It`s normal for us humans to have a curious nature and sometimes we are as curious as a cat pawing at the fish bowl wondering what that little gold funny looking round thing with fins is staring back at me with those wide eyes that don`t blink. I mean, how many times a day to you tend to get that curious feeling when you go about your daily routine. You`re driving to work and you get behind a slow driver as old as dirt (most slow drivers as we know are normally older people) and you get that burst of anger and say to yourself after releasing a few F**bombs (I don`t do that but I have been with other people that do).  I`m curious why this person is driving twenty-five miles an hour when the speed limit is seventy or you`re at work and you see two co-workers gossiping about something around the water cooler and you say to yourself, "I`m curious if they are talking about me?" Most people are more curious about different things than the old saying, "Curiosity killed the cat."

So, if we have a curious nature why can`t other terrestrial beings that more than likely frequent the air space around us have one too? They can and many photos have been taken of what NASA has called "Space Junk." Being ex-military I have seen a lot of information out there that the general public does not even hear about or knows exists. This is what is classified as "Top Secret" or "Secret" information or at the lower level of classification a "Need to Know" at any of these three levels of classification if you are to have anything to do with whatever the information is you would have to have a secret or top secret clearance. That`s why you don`t hear more about the many other sightings and photos that NASA classifies as "space junk."

Recently, there were photos taken in and around the International Space Station of what NASA again called "space junk" but what is NASA referring to as space junk? It really was not mentioned because more than likely it is classified information and the general civilian public does not need to know about it unless it became a threat to our national security and so far it has not.

We have heard about other instances of different sightings of something that was explainable and the sighting made it to the evening news. One example was the recent bright flash of light over Phoenix a year or so ago that lit up the sky and half of the metropolitan area in the early morning hours. It was so bright that the local Air Force base received so many calls they had calls waiting in queue for hours of people reporting a UFO sighting.

The local Phoenix police had so many calls the first shift had to wait before going on their beat until the calls were sorted out to what level of emergency each call was. The local news in Phoenix hopped in their news vans and reporters stormed the metropolitan area trying to find any information they could about the mysterious flash of light. Local weather stations reported no thunderstorms were in the area, the military reported there were no training exercises taking place, and so what was that mysterious bright flash of light?

Over the last decade there have been reports all over this country of UFO sightings and it continues today.  Below are a few comments out of thousands about what various people have seen and experienced when they reported seeing the unexplainable.

Sumiton, Alabama:

I was standing on my porch the night before a storm with a lot of cloud cover a windy on January 28, 2013. I noticed a weird straight line clouds in the sky and took a picture around 8:30 PM, at my new property on Main Street in Sumiton. Thanks to MUFON CMS. (National UFO Center)

What were the weird straight line clouds? Or, was it really straight line clouds?

California Light

Lake View Terrace:

On February 21, 2013 my wife and daughter arrived home and hammered on the front door about 7: PM, I opened the door; the girls were very excited pointing north. I looked up and saw a bright light that maneuvered in circles and figure eights, sometimes dropping quickly behind the trees, and then quickly shooting up again.  I took a still image and a video as the light remained constant and bright but faded off for a moment. It had an additional small red light. My daughter heard a faint buzz sound but I did not. It flew very close to exposed power lines and rugged hills at night.  (National UFO Center)

What was the little dancing light that maneuvered like nothing we have technology to make here on earth? And what was the little buzz sound? A Bee on crack? Or, a little green men studying us?

Florida Object

Coral Springs:

I was driving south on I-95 to Miami about 6:30 PM, on February 17, 2013, and noticed a strange color object flying above me.  I lost sight of the object because it was not in sight anymore.

When you blow up the picture the object on the top left hand side is the object I`m speaking about with the red-orange color and white around it.

I`ve never seen anything like it. I would like to hear your feedback on the object in the sky. Thanks to MUFON CMS (National UFO Center)

What was the strange color object? Florida and especially around South Florida is famous for many bright and exotic colors that flow over the Florida landscape and fill the sky like a paint palette especially at dusk but that`s the tropical environment not objects that appear in photos that are unexplainable.

I`m just writing about this to have a little fun with it. I`m really not one to believe there are Martians out there in space like the ones we have seen in so many Hollywood movies but I do believe there are other life forms out there other than just us humans that probably are of high intelligence and do have a curiosity about us as we do about them. If you like Science then this is really a fun topic to read and learn more about.

The next time you`re kicking back in your hammock out in your back yard in the evening and you notice a bright colored light zooming in and out of the tree line behind your house, don`t panic and run inside screaming, grab your cell phone and take a photo of that strange object. Also, wave at it and maybe you`ll capture the attention of the little guys from outer space that are curious about you and are trying to study what the heck you are to them. Maybe they will land their little space craft and sit down with you over a cup of coffee and you all can discuss space talk and satisfy their desire and thirst about their little burning curious feelings about us and at the same time kill two birds with one stone and satisfy your human and curious nature about them.


Ret. Major George Filer, National UFO Center, Files Research Institute, Weekly UPF Reports from Around the World, ( Retrieved 2013.

So, if there really are other life forms out there in the wild black yonders of our universe I wonder if they have adopted our National Past Time as one of their cultures yet. Maybe so, and if so does a baseball travel the same way in space as it does here on Earth? I don`t know, have never hit a fastball in space but I have hit plenty of fast balls here on Earth among other junk  thrown by pitchers and I can say when you feel the explosion and power of a baseball flying of the barrel of a bat there is no greater feeling than to know that ball is probably heading for the upper deck of the left-field bleachers. Keep an eye out for the release date of my next book titled, Our Grand Ol` National Past Time. And read about some of the mammoth home runs past players have hit. It will feel like when reading about that moment you were the one that hit that home run that made it in the archives of baseball. Also, if you know of any little green men that love the game of baseball and know how to read let me know so I can expand my marketing of my book to the demographics of space. I will let everyone know the ordering details and the release date of my book when I know from my publisher.