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Published:April 18th, 2013 10:03 EST

Model Gives Cops Topless Tour Of Her Explicit Gallery

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Model Natalie White led police on a topless tour of a New York gallery when complaints were lodged about her racy photo exhibit.


White, 24, greeted police Tuesday at the ROX Gallery and kept her breasts bare while she gave officers a tour of the exhibit, which features many explicit photos.

Police decided not to take any action against the gallery or the exhibit, which is scheduled to run through May 18."


It was a brilliant stroke of genius for model Natalie White to ditch her top and give police officers a personal tour of the New York gallery featuring explicit photographs of herself.

How fitting and proper that White gave the cops a tour of the gallery while showcasing the greatest work of art in the gallery: Herself.

It`s no wonder that after such personal attention was lavished on the cops that they decided not to take any action against the gallery or the exhibit.

If you enter a museum or a gallery, you shouldn`t be shocked to find paintings or photographs of nude females. The Philistines who complained about the explicit photographs should be ashamed of themselves.

Click this link to see photograph of Natalie White. Sorry gentleman she`s fully clothed in this image:

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