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Published:April 18th, 2013 16:43 EST

"The Italian American Oprah" Judyth Piazza Interviews C.J. Klinger, Author of "The Reckoning Season"

By Judyth Piazza CEO (Editor)

Radio talk show host and journalist, Judyth Piazza chats with Sarah Book Publishing Author, C.J. Klinger on The American Perspective Radio Program today about his new book, "The Reckoning Season".  

"The Reckoning Season" is about Cawley Jenkins who is a decorated former Marine who decides to take on the powerful DA to discover the truth behind a murder. The stakes are high for everybody. His quest to find the truth takes him far
from Iron Forge, Texas to the dusty hills and mountains of Afghanistan and
deep into the power structure of the United States Marine Corp.

During the interview Judyth asks Chuck, "How do you define success?"

"Success for me today is that I am able to do the things I truly love and I have 3 great loves in my life, my wife and kids, I love telling stories, I write everyday and I love being an artist." 

Klinger was born in San Antonio, Texas and now lives in the Rio Grand Valley. As a young man, he spent four years at a Franciscan Seminary in Chicago studying languages, philosophy and the classics and finished his education at St. Mary`s University in San Antonio. After a twenty-five year career in general merchandising with several Fortune 500 companies and a career in his own manufacturing company he left the corporate world to do the one thing he had always wanted to do; write and pursue his interest in art and writing.

Klinger`s new book, "The Reckoning Season" is available on Amazon and Sarah Book Publishing`s website.

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