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Published:April 26th, 2013 11:55 EST

Gwyneth Paltrow The Most Beautiful And Most Hated Celeb: Video

By Robert Paul Reyes

"In the space of eight days, Oscar winner, self-appointed lifestyle guru, and Beyoncé-song consultant Gwyneth Paltrow has catapulted herself from Star magazine`s Most Hated Celebrity (More Hated Than Chris Brown Edition) to People`s Most Beautiful Woman in the World.`"


Vanity Fair

Some of my older readers may remember the 1980`s Pantene "Don`t Hate Me Because I`m Beautiful" commercial. Apparently a lot of otherwise sane people are hatin` on Gwyenth Paltrow simply because she`s beautiful.

Paltrow has never flashed her goodies like Paris Hilton, never made a home-made sex tape like Kim Kardashian, never attacked a photographer like Britney Spears, never got publicly drunk like Lindsay Lohan, and yet she`s the most hated celeb? Really?

Stop hatin` on Gwyneth because she`s the most beautiful woman in the universe! I know she has a penchant for making goofy and self-serving statements, but that`s no reason to heap scorn on her.

I ain`t got nothing for love for Gwyneth, she`s the hottest celeb in the world, it`s hard to believe she`s 40.

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