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Published:April 29th, 2013 11:26 EST

Viral Video: Cat In Shark Costume, Riding A Roomba, Chasing A Duck

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Just when you thought you`ve seen every possible Internet cat video scenario, comes today`s viral video. Well played, Internet well played.


Cats are pretty much the go-to for viral video glory. But when you start adding shark costumes, robotic vacuum cleaners and ducklings, you`ve turned the knob to 11."


The Fox network affiliate in Boston deemed it worthy to cover this video so don`t begrudge me for adding my two cents worth.

I will watch almost any video featuring a cat, but the inclusion of a Roomba vacuum cleaner did cause me to hesitate before clicking the video.

Some people are scared to death of spiders, dogs, bats, you name it, but it`s robotic vacuum cleaners that give me the willies. I`m convinced that Satan keeps hell clean by employing legions of the infernal devices.

A cat wearing a shark costume, while riding on a Roomba, and chasing a duck makes for a profound philosophical statement. The cat represents a human being and his activity symbolizes our trivial and meaningless pursuits. We don a suit a tie (as ridiculous as a shark costume) and we spend all of our time going around in circles pursuing career goals that are as substantial and meaningful as a duck.

You may not get the philosophical implications of this video, but you are guaranteed to enjoy watching the cute cat.

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