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Published:May 10th, 2013 12:50 EST
Happy Mother's Day:  You know you're a mother when...

Happy Mother's Day: You know you're a mother when...

By SOP newswire2

You Know You`re a Mother...
 a True Conflict Resolver...When...
1. You count the sprinkles on each kid`s cupcake to make sure they`re equal OR at least equitable.

2. You have a conversation with the Mom INSTEAD OF taking a contract out on the kid who broke your son`s favorite toy car and made him cry.
3. You consider finger paints to be a controlled substance AND allow only the non-toxic kind in your home.
4. You`ve mastered both the art of placing large quantities of pancakes and eggs on a plate without anything touching AND making pancake sandwiches.
5. You secretly marvel that your kids are always the cutest-the best- dressed and most polite WHILE you are making a genuinely generous comment to the another Mom about her kids.
6. You hear your mother`s voice coming out of your mouth when you say, "Not in your good clothes." AND you don`t wince!
7. You stop criticizing the way your mother raised you AND  you call her to thank her for doing the best she could with what she had.
8. You donate time AND money to a specific charity in hope and gratitude that your child doesn`t have that disease.
9. You read that the average 5-year old asks 437 questions a day and feel proud that your kid is "above average." AND you encourage her to ask more
10. You say at least once a day " I`m not cut out for this job," AND you know you wouldn`t trade it for anything.
Sending our best wishes for a Happy Mother`s Day!
Brigid A. Duffield
Law Office of Brigid A. Duffield PC &
Legally Speaking, Inc.