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Published:May 14th, 2013 17:47 EST
Diseases Continue to Plague Us

Diseases Continue to Plague Us

By Glenn Mollette

We must lead the world in our research to find cures for diseases that continue to plague us. 

Where is the cure for cancer? Where is the cure for HIV? We have invented cell phones, text messages and computers as well as YouTube, Google and Skype. We are failing in our development of cures for diseases.

Diabetes and neurological diseases such as multiple sclerosis, Parkinson`s and ALS are alive and rampant.  We must find a cure for eye diseases such as macular degeneration and glaucoma.

Hundreds of thousands of people in our nation suffer with Alzheimer`s.
I know research is ongoing. I applaud everyone who is doing research in the laboratories of this nation and world trying to develop cures and solutions.
Every cure brings miracles to a hurting world.When a cure is discovered we save millions of lives and in time billions of dollars in health care cost.
Health care insurance is vital. However, we need more research. The discovery of cures for the many diseases that rob people of life and drive the cost of health care into the stratosphere is crucial.
While the Federal Government is financially strapped for money we continue to pump billions into countries and governments around the world. These ongoing expenditures must be greatly curtailed. This would allow some of these saved billions of dollars to be used to help discover cures that would impact the entire world. We might save the continent of Africa if we could discover a cure for HIV.

We send billions to nations that hate us. What if we gave a couple of billion dollars to the school, university, laboratory, or even a person who released a cure for cancer, HIV, ALS or a number of other diseases that cause havoc in our nation? This cure would not only serve America but it would also serve the planet.

What if we could go to a foreign nation and say, "We have a cure for cancer and we will give it to every citizen of your nation if you will stop fighting, disarm your nuclear weapons and live at peace with each other." This sounds like a better plan than sacrificing two thousand American lives in a war that has gone nowhere and billions of dollars that have financially drained our nation.
We still have the best minds in the world. We have the best universities and medical facilities. It`s time that we set our sights on attacking the diseases that rob us of life, bankrupt families and create the dilemma we have with the entire healthcare industry.
We must reward our universities and medical researchers who are excelling in research and science. Winning the war over disease is our greatest battle.
 Glenn Mollette is the author of American Issues and Fitness Is A Mind Game plus hundreds of articles, stories and other books.  
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