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Published:May 27th, 2013 15:01 EST

PPP Poll: Adele Most Liked Music Star: Video

By Robert Paul Reyes

"PPP was testing the favorability ratings of some of today`s biggest music stars, and -- perhaps unsurprisingly -- a Brit earned the most accolades: Adele had 54 percent likability; close on her heels were Taylor Swift (53 percent), Justin Timberlake (52 percent) and Beyonce (51 percent). But breaking that 50 percent mark was hard for virtually everyone else -- including Jay-Z (25 percent), Lady Gaga (29 percent) and Rihanna (30 percent)." 


NBC News

I`m a curmudgeon who rarely listens to pop music of recent vintage, but I agree Adele is a likeable person of incredible talent.

The British crooner doesn`t starve herself to achieve an impossible beauty standard; she doesn`t rely on auto-tune or any technological gimmickry; and she doesn`t depend on publicity stunts to sustain her career. Adele simply allows her vocal talent and her songwriting mastery to lift her to the top of the charts.

I find the singer with the second best favorability rating, Taylor Swift, difficult to like, and impossible to appreciate as an artist. Swift uses her romantic liaisons as fodder for her songs, it`s no wonder she goes through boyfriends like toilet paper. Swift`s music is disposable, annoying and abominable.

Justin Timberlake is a decent enough fellow, a gifted actor, and an adequate singer. I won`t be purchasing any of his albums, but there`s a good chance I might buy a ticket to one of his movies.

Beyoncé has the fourth best favorability rating, and she might come in at #4 in my list of wretched singers with a miserable personality. Beyoncé, who has an undeserved reputation for female empowerment, owes her success to dressing like a low-class skank, marrying an entrepreneur thug, and drenching herself in Illuminati imagery as a marketing strategy. By the way, she sucks as a singer.

Adele is pearl shining bright in a bed of feces, is it any wonder she stands out?

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You decide, is Adele a goddess, or what?