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Published:June 3rd, 2013 15:54 EST

Amanda Bynes Mortified By Mugshot, Gets Nose Job! Video!

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Twitter-happy starlet Amanda Bynes kept tweeting about getting another nose job after she saw her latest mug shot, and apparently she wasn`t kidding.


On May 27, the E`asy A` star told the world,  `I`m getting in shape and getting a nose job!` On June 1 she kept her promise, telling TMZ,  `I have no bandage on. It`s healing on its own like my doctor asked.`"


Amanda Bynes` mugshot has been splashed on the covers of dozens of tabloids, and it has been posted on thousands of Web sites.

You`d think the troubled thespian would be so mortified she would:

Join a nunnery

Go to rehab

Call Dr. Phil

Hide out in a cave for a couple of years

The Twitter-happy starlet was devastated about her mugshot being published, but only because she wasn`t happy how her nose looked. Bynes promptly went under the knife to "fix" her nose, even though she already had a nose job a couple of years ago.

Girlfriend, I ain`t no shrink, but I would venture to guess the problem is in your heart and in your mind, not in your beautiful face.

There is no shame in Amanda Bynes` game, celebs and bloggers should can the faux sympathy and concern, and cover her only for the purpose of mockery.

Maybe Bynes` problem isn`t drugs, alcohol, monster ego, or mental instability. Could the pop tart be a victim of Illuminati mind control? We report, you watch this video and decide for yourself:


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