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Published:June 3rd, 2013 15:17 EST
Reader Writes Letter In Response To Mary Hardison Article

Reader Writes Letter In Response To Mary Hardison Article

By SOP newswire3

Robert Paul Reyes:
This morning I had the opportunity to read the piece you wrote, regarding Mary Hardison setting a Guinness World Record at the age 101 for a Tandom Paraglide.  As her grandson-in-law, I thought you might like to know what really took place and the events that led up to her getting in the Record books.
Grandma Mary, as the family refers to her, decided to go paragliding for her 101st birthday celebration a couple of months before the actual event.  Never at any time did she, or any of the family, ever consider that her doing this might be a qualification for the Guinness Book of World Records.  In fact, the thought came into my mind as she was out celebrating with the paraglide and I was sitting in my office at work.  I did a search of the Guinness World Record site and found out that this world qualify her for a world record.  Behind the scenes, I logged onto the Guinness World Records site and started the process.  It took over 6 month to complete the process and get her into the record books because we had to get a copy of a birth certificate to validate how old she was.  This was the biggest stumbling block because she was born in the City of Mesa, the Territory of Arizona.  You see, Grandma Mary was born two (2) years before Arizona became a state.
Mary continued her life until the age of 103.  I have attached a copy of her obituary so that you can see what a remarkable woman she was and that she continued a life of service up until she passed away last October. 
And for your future articles regarding paragliding, Grandma Mary didn`t hold the world record for very long.  The woman that she took it from was very upset and took back her world record by completing a tandom paraglide at the age of 104.
Thank you for your time and for allowing me to share this information with you.
S. Rasband