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Published:June 5th, 2013 16:09 EST

'Operation Safe Summer': Cops Give Kids Ice Cream Cones For Wearing Bike Helmets! Video

By Robert Paul Reyes

"The Brimfield Township Chief of Police has ordered his officers to issue as many tickets as possible -- at least one per shift -- and to specifically target children. Officers are already filling their quotas, and people on social media are cheering them on.


Any kid caught riding a bike while wearing a helmet will get a ticket -- for a free ice cream cone.

Operation Safe Summer is an annual tradition offers residents of the Ohio town a refreshing reward to incentivize helmet use. Local ice cream stand Franks Drive-In will accept the tickets all summer, and the owner added that he hopes officers will  `write kids up` for any acts of kindness or bravery they witness."



Kids get yelled at by adults all the time:

Get off my grass!

Don`t ride your skateboard on my driveway!

Turn down that radio!

Pick up that litter!

It`s nice that children will receive attention from adults for doing the right thing. The Operation Safe Summer promotes bicycle safety and it teaches young persons not to be afraid of police officers.

I hope there will be many kids in Brimfield Township enjoying a free ice cream cone this summer.



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