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Published:June 7th, 2013 10:42 EST

Space Cadet Justin Bieber Going To Space: Video

By Robert Paul Reyes

There is a place where no customs officials will query your monkey, where no neighbours will complain about your driving, where there are no paparazzi to fight with, where your tour bus won`t be raided for drugs. And that`s where Justin Bieber is going. According to Sir Richard Branson, the singer has signed up for one of his Virgin Galactic commercial space flights. "


The Guardian

There are millions of music fans who would love to see Justin Bieber take a one-way ticket to outer space.

Unfortunately, the Virgin Galactic spacecraft will barely leave the Earth`s atmosphere before it quickly returns to the ground.

The fare is not cheap at $250,000, but many of us would chip in to pay for Bieber`sticket if he didn`t return to Earth.

Space may be the only place where Bieber can find refuge from frenzied fans, intrusive paparazzi, neighbors who hate his speeding and bratty demeanor, and regular folks and music critics who can`t stand his godawful records.

Bieber is considering doing a mini-concert from space: Perfect plan he will only irritate and annoy his five fellow passengers.

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