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Published:June 10th, 2013 13:48 EST

Morris the Cat (Candigato) Runs For Mayor In Mexican Town: Video

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Frustration with do-nothing politicians has sparked a surreal situation in the eastern Mexican city of Xalapa, where two students have nominated a cat for that town`s upcoming mayoral election.


Morris is the feline candidate`s name. He has a Facebook page and Twitter account where he promises to  `rid the city of rats,` a local euphemism for corrupt politicians.

Besides going after rats, Morris only says that he will eat, sleep, yawn and conduct other cat-like activities. His campaign managers say that this is exactly why you should vote for him."

ABC News

Cats thrive on the Internet; some of the biggest stars on YouTube are of the feline persuasion. Eventually we will be able to vote online for national elections, and when that day comes we just might see the first cat elected President of the United States.

Morris is not an official candidate and his name doesn`t appear on the ballot, but if enough citizens write his name in, he may win.

Morris, also known as "Candigato", has more Facebook followers (50,000) than any of the city`s human candidates.

Cats thrive on the social media environment, and if Morris wins the election I`m sure he will also thrive in City Hall. As long as Morris has a clean litter box, plenty of food, and gets kisses and hugs from his adoring fans, he will be a terrific mayor.

There may be a catnip controversy, but there won`t be a cocaine or hooker scandal during Morris` tenure as Mayor.

Meow if you want Morris to be the next mayor of Xalapa!

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