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Published:June 11th, 2013 07:57 EST
Brett Seacat Left Behind Lots of Tangible Evidence Proving He Murdered His Wife Vashti!

Brett Seacat Left Behind Lots of Tangible Evidence Proving He Murdered His Wife Vashti!

By John G. Kays

Has the prosecution in the Brett Seacat Murder Trial (in Kingman, Kansas) merely presented circumstantial evidence to convict the former CSI lawman, or rather do they have some tangible, direct proof that he clearly shot his wife in the head, then started a raging fire (which has been documented on film) to cover up what he did? Some careful study and analysis on my part, after returning from vacation, leads me to believe the prosecution has the goodies.

While I wasn`t able to watch the Seacat trial blow by blow or in real time, I was able to glean much of what happened from HLN and from various good print news reports, such as People, The Wichita Eagle, the Kansas City Star, and naturally, from syndicated Associated Press pieces. The final arguments were presented yesterday, so now it`s up to the jury to decide what they have (or alternatively, what they don`t have).

While it looks like the defense has been successful in painting a picture of reasonable doubt, over all (in my mind), the prosecution has pointed out time after time all the loose-ends left behind by a sagacious or cunning mastermind of an ex-cop, who couldn`t pull it off without leaving behind beaucoup booboos of buffoonery! This narcissist leaves a trail a mile wide behind him, incrimination that shouts out loud, `I did it, I killed my wife, just for the sport of it!`

First off, and this is circumstantial, Brett`s acting job on the witness stand wasn`t too good; he hid his face ( a harbinger of guilt) and was practically chewing the microphone like it was bubblegum, so his voice sounded muffled, distorted like a Metallica record or something. Clearly, when speaking about Vashti he`s dispassionate, as cold as a dill pickle, and feels nothing towards her, no love or sorrow for her passing. Brett`s a sociopath and doesn`t care one way or another about her.

Seacat`s a cold, dead fish himself! I won`t go into too much detail, but I`ll point out what evidence I think has nailed him to the gas chamber seat. Neighbors heard shots at 3:15 AM on April 30, 2011. Brett calls 911 at 3:54 AM; that`s a 39 minute delay, impossible, unless he was doing what we know he was doing, setting up the crime scene, according to a manual, which he left out in the open, lying on his dining room table.

How stupid is that? Try pausing (doing nothing) for 39 minutes, with a shot wife up in her bedroom under the bed covers and a house raging with bright orange flames - impossible to do, unless you were doing something different.

I mean, he had to put the forged suicide note in Vashti`s car and I suspect he had to put forged notes in her purse that were estimates of her life insurance worth and how much her funeral costs would come to. An added touch (the whip cream, almonds, and maraschino cherry) to make it look like Vashti committed suicide!

Before I forget, the most tangible proof that Brett did it is the trajectory of the bullet into Vashti`s neck; it came from up and down. That is, Brett stood over her with a very large caliber gun, a .44, and shot her while she was sleeping. A cold, callous killing! The .44 was underneath her and the covers pulled up over her; how did these two items get where they got? Brett staged it that way, and he`s a stupid cluck! Not possible that Vashti shot herself in the neck with that huge gun!

No soot found in airway; proof that Vashti (who looks amazingly like actress Maggie Gyllenhaal) was already dead before the fire was set. Brett started the fire, Brett destroys two hard drives (which had something he didn`t want leaked out), Brett destroys a few cell phones, he uses an overhead projector at work to practice his forgeries, and he contrives Vashti`s suicidal tendencies when none were really there.

He didn`t kill his wife for money or because he particularly hated her (although I believe he did). He killed her simply for the fun of it, like it was a sport, and because he knew he could get away with it. He put himself in the shoes of the perpetrator like he was playing a video game, cat and mouse!,,20707157,00.html