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Published:June 12th, 2013 15:22 EST
Emmy Winner William Borchert Speaks Out About Father's Day

Emmy Winner William Borchert Speaks Out About Father's Day

By SOP newswire2

   Fathers Day is almost upon us. 

   June is the month when most families in America celebrate one special day with cookouts, fireworks and presents to honor the man they admire and respect for his loving care and concern. 

   Dad`s the man who kisses his wife and kids goodbye each morning as he leaves for work and hugs them upon his return. He`s the guy who in most instances provides for his family`s welfare, adds to their fun and enjoyment and supports their education and healthcare needs. 

   He is `father` to some, `dad` to most and above all the man his family believes can always be trusted and relied on. 

   But what about those families who are not as fortunate to have such an ideal father? What about those millions of homes, for example, that will be filled with anxiety, confusion and pain on Fathers Day because the so-called `man of the house` is a terrible alcoholic or drug addict. What does the family do then? 

   In his new book, `When Two Loves Collide,` award-winning author William G. Borchert writes about just such a father, a man suffering from the disease of alcoholism, who brings misery and resentment into his family through his drinking "but then goes on to find a solution to his own problem and healing for his family. 

   The author tells the heroic tale of a highly decorated Army surgeon during World War II, Captain John Mooney, Jr., who drinks and takes drugs to kill the pain of his own wounds so he can operate on and save thousands of dying soldiers in battles all across Europe. He comes home not realizing he`s addicted to alcohol and drugs. 

   Dr. Mooney marries a beautiful Georgia nurse named Dorothy Carolyn Riggs who also loves to party. Soon their passionate love for each other begins to collide with their passionate love for their addictions. It creates chaos in their lives and seriously impacts their three young sons. Many times the children are whisked away from their parents drunken brawls by loving neighbors until the uproar is over.                   

   `When Two Loves Collide` exposes the painful truth of how the diseases of alcoholism and drug addiction can affect families. But the book also dramatically depicts the hopeful and wonderful side of recovery when not only the addict gets well but also his or her family. 

   On the verge of losing his surgical skills, his lucrative medical practice and his family, Dr. John Mooney is arrested and sent to prison on felony drug charges for writing illegal prescriptions to himself for narcotics. There behind bars, the shamed physician finds sobriety through a 12-Step program and brings the miracle of recovery and redemption home to his wife. Together they go on to save thousands of other alcoholics and their families. 

   Dr. Mooney`s oldest son, Al Mooney, who today is a doctor himself, recalls in the book the day his father came home from prison and began making amends to his family. 

   "Dad came upstairs as my brothers and I were getting ready to go to bed," explained the oldest Mooney son who was about ten at the time. He had us all climb into my bed and said he needed to talk to us about something. I don`t remember all the details of what he said, except that it was the first believable conversation I`ve ever had with my dad in my whole life. 

   He told us he had been in prison, something my mother had kept secret from us. He said he had a disease called alcoholism that had gotten him into a whole lot of trouble.

But now he found something called Alcoholics Anonymous and it was helping him get well. 

   "My father said he was now much closer to God Who was really helping him do the right thing," the son continued. "Then he apologized and reached out with his finger and poked each one of us "Jimmy, Bobby and myself "in the chest near our hearts. He told us how much God loves us all and can make everything much better."

    While addicts can find help in AA, all families impacted by the disease can find help through a program called Al-Anon. There is also a program called Alateen for younger children. These time-honored 12-step programs assure their members that reaching out to others who faced similar experiences is the key to recovering from the effects of alcoholism on the family.

    The author of `When Two Loves Collide` also suggested that families contact The National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependency for more information and help. The book can be purchased in most book stores or through, or